Special Report for Solicitors Who Want More Clients

Discover the 3 Biggest MistakesThat Keep Most Solicitors from Attracting Enough Clients

And How to Fix Them in the Next 90 Days

This SPECIAL REPORT is for you if:

  • You are a solicitor with responsibility for business development or client generation (either as a sole practitioner as or as a partner within a larger firm)
  • You don’t have as many clients as you’d like, or you don’t have enough of your ideal clients
  • You want to attract more of your ideal clients to you (so you don’t feel like you are chasing after them. or doing anything which feels ‘salesy’)

 In this special report you will discover:

  • The 3 biggest marketing mistakes most solicitors make in their marketing that stop them getting as many clients as they’d like
  • Why you need to use a different kind of marketing if you want to get your message out to more of your ideal clients
  • The 3 Golden Rules for getting more of your ideal clients to approach you (rather than the other way around) in the next 90 days

The information in this report could make the difference between you continuing to rely on the unpredictability of referrals or word of mouth and wishing that more clients would just ‘appear’, and getting control of your client attraction strategy once and for all.  One of my solicitor clients increased his enquiries by 30% in 6 months using the same strategies that I will show you in this report and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

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About the Author – Michelle Peters, The Business Instructor

Michelle Peters, The Business InstructorI am a former solicitor who now helps lawyers to get more enquiries from their ideal clients without being ‘salesy’ using my 5 Step Client Attraction System.  After many years working in the City as a solicitor, I understand that most lawyers don’t like the word ‘marketing’ and think it will lead to them compromising their professional integrity or somehow being ‘salesy’. But I can show you how to market yourself in a way that feels comfortable and ethical and which also brings you a steady (and reliable) flow of new instructions – from both new and existing clients.  I can also help you  turn more enquiries into paying clients by having ‘Conversations That Convert’

If are serious about getting more clients and growing your practice, and prepared to take action to get the results you want, then this report is written for you. Download your copy now by entering your name and email in the box on the right.


I look forward to helping you get more clients.

Michelle Peters
The Business Instructor


I was attracted by Michelle’s experience and understanding of the commercial legal services market, and asked her to review my firm’s marketing and advise what could be improved.  She proposed a more coherent strategic approach, based around knowledge/education based marketing.  In the succeeding months we have been working together to implement those plans.  She has proved to be as good at looking at the detail as at the big picture.  It is still early days but I can already see a significant increase in the number of new enquiries, and the percentage who become clients.  In the first 6 months of this year, enquiries have increased by 30% and the percentage of those enquiries becoming clients has increased by 36%.  Michelle gives good value and I would recommend her to anyone running a practice similar to mine”.  Andrew Park, APP Law Solicitors

“Michelle is a first class business strategist, very result oriented, keeps you up to the mark and has improved my ratio of time spent on chargable work by at least 50%.” Lynne Brooke, The Brooke Consultancy LLP
“I first met Michelle at her seminar on “Get More Clients Without Being Salesy – Marketing Strategies for Lawyers” at the City Business Library. I have never done any marketing for my law firm but I thought in these difficult times ‘what have I to lose?’. Well I found I had absolutely nothing to lose and much to gain. Michelle showed me how to use education-based marketing to attract more clients. I signed up for her “Get More Clients with Less Selling” programme and she has completely changed my mind on how to market myself and my business. It was not easy and you have to put some work in but I believe it will all be worthwhile. I now feel I have the knowledge and marketing materials and strategies. I need to help me attract more clients. I no doubt will be using Michelle again in the future. She is a pleasure to work with, and always well prepared for our sessions and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”  Avril Price, AJA Legal Services Ltd
“I hired Michelle to provide the “More Clients with Less Selling” Programme about 6 months ago and she has enabled me to implement new marketing ideas in my business approach. This has allowed me to work predominantly with my ideal prospects as opposed to dealing with whoever happened to request my services. I would fully recommend her marketing approach to professionals that wish to focus more closely on a particular type of client.” Dermot Hanley, CSLJ Wills Ltd

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